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is a mobile social app where users and businesses create questions, polls and guides to share problems, solutions, knowledge and expertise.

It's a community where you can talk about what you know well, and learn about things you don't, in real time, by finding and connecting with people or businesses you need.

Everything in the feed is rated, so you can search for top-rated content or filter to see only what you're interested in.

Creating and engaging with content on #cube builds hashtag ratings you can see right on your profile.

Searching by hashtag lets you find and immediately connect with top-rated users and businesses.

is a dedicated app
for small businesses!
  • Take pictures of what's in stock and post right to your profile page.
  • Users see what you offer on your profile and in search results...
  • ...and can order right through the messenger with one tap.

Mobile and niche apps are fast overtaking desktop and search engines for finding and buying online, rapidly changing the nature of e-commerce.

unlocks the vast potential of small and medium size businesses by giving them the tools and voice they're currently lacking in the online community.

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